Lycée Ste Marie du Port | les Sables d'Olonne
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Our institution

Pedagogical project

Our educational plan takes roots in our Christian vision of humanity. It’s written using the personal pronoun « I ».

« I » representing every people who is involved in the High School (parents, staff, teachers, officials) and commit them to make every effort, allowing our students to go towards their own future.



  • In Ste Marie du Port High School, I welcome everyone the way he is, with dignity and respect for his beliefs. I give him all my consideration and indulgence. I’m profoundly convinced that coming in this school is a choice and this choice is made freely. Everyone commits to respect those who are already here and the internal regulations to live good together.




  • By transmitting knowledge and moral values, I teach pupils to become informed citizens. I allow everyone to develop “savoir-faire” and interpersonal skills.




  • I create conditions for every student to access to further education or employability.




  • I guide people. I believe that every human being has talent and skills and I help developing them. 




  • I give to every teenager the possibility to build and assume the responsible choices which build his own path.




  • I prepare every student to become a relational being, evolving in a complex world so that he can assume and fulfil his dreams.



These six commitments are the base of the educational community and are built on trust.