This BTS is mainly for students having completed a general BAC (ES-L-S).



            -capacities to communicate, negotiate, sell the French language abroad.

            -sense of organisation

            -be capable to take initiative and responsibilities

            -have an interest in new technology and communications


The course

            -35 hours of classes a week

            -direct relations with company’s and various structures

            -3 periods of work experience of twelve weeks divided out across the two years


Career pursuits

            -Careers in commercialisation of destinations (travel agent, tour operator, tour guide…), in the development of a territory (promotion in local tourism, cultural mediator, organiser of protests…), the exploitation of an equipment (welcoming agent, sales or reservation agent)

            -These careers are usually in travelling agents, tour operators, transport services, cruise lines, tourism offices, attraction parks, holiday clubs or village, hotel chains, tourist sites…


Study pursuits

Degrees in marketing, management, communications,tourism for businesses but also hotels, sports tourism, event planning…