Lycée Ste Marie du Port | les Sables d'Olonne
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Our institution

The Pastoral

Our educational plan takes roots in our Christian vision of humanity. It implies believing in :

  • God created mankind in his own image
  • Mankind can love and be loved
  • There is something sacred in each of us that we deeply respect and value




Be attentive to everyone

To welcome

  • First day of class, the priest is here to welcome the students
  • The Priest is here during the parents/teachers meetings
  • New staff and teachers are welcomed
  • A specific and friendly place

To listen

  • Always someone at the chaplaincy
  • Listening to people suffering or in difficulty


To help

  • Making contact and receiving solidarity projects (like food bank for example)

An opportunity to think

To take a step back

  • The way we see ourselves
  • Wondering about the world (based on society facts)


To develop

  • Organizing meetings and debates


To share

  • Conviviality time
  • To enrich ourselves with testimonies and associations meetings

A proposal of the Faith

To gather

  • Preparation for the Lourdes pilgrimage
  • Preparation for the Via crucis

To testify

  • Testimony from the Lourdes pilgrimage
  • Back-to-school Celebration
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Lourdes pilgrimage
  •  Via crucis
  • Holy Thursday Celebration