Work Areas:

 –        12 computers with internet access: for looking up documents and class work done through computers.

–        Reading corner

–        Tables for working

–        Orientation area / group work

–        A desktop for mounting videos


Documentation :

–        + 800 videos and DVDs

–        50 inscriptions to different magazines

–        Archives dating back 5 years

–        800 theme based documents


–        Books: 15 days, extension of a further 15 days

–        Magazines and orientation: 8 days, extension of a further 8 days


At your disposition:

–        Photocopier

–        Laminater

–        Binder

–        Video recorder

–        Cameras


Opening hours:

–        Monday  08:00am – 6:00pm

–        Tuesday  08:00am – 6:00pm

–        Wednesday  08:00am – 12:00

–        Thursday  08:00am – 5:05pm

–        Friday  08:00am – 5:05pm


Library rules:


 The library is a place where students can share and talk without talking too laud.

Sweets and drinks are not authorized, with the exception of water if it is very hot.

Mobile phones and mp3 player must be turned off.

A students can be excluded from the library if they fail to follow these rules.

The use of internet is strictly reserved for research for school work.