Lycée Ste Marie du Port | les Sables d'Olonne
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Library & Orientation

The high school benefits from homely library where the school students can access to information by consulting many works and periodicals. They have access to the computer tools (12 PCs with access to Internet) and pedagogical sessions on research and treatment of information allowing them to use resources at their best. The pupils can also work on their own.

But the library is also the place where you enjoy reading. Romance, periodical, comics are available and anyone can use it in a nice and quiet place. Sometimes, it’s also a place of exchanges where we receive authors meetings, writing workshops, exhibitions or activities around the Week of languages.

Finally, a room devoted to academic path guidance (room C101) allows to receive the pupils alone or in groups to work on the path of their studies. This room is also available during time of study.

Rules of  the library

When I arrive in the library

  • I put my bag in a locker (recommended padlock)
  • I give my school card

Inside the library

  • I respect the working atmosphere by remaining calm and discreet
  • I respect the different parts of the library
  • Sofas are exclusively reserved for reading
  • PCs are only used to search for informations on Internet
  • Tables needs to be booked to work alone
  • Mobile phones and earphones are tolerated if used in a pedagogical, individual and silent way


If theses rules are not followed you may be exposed to a temporary or final exclusion from the library.


Opening hours
Monday : 8 a.m – 7:15 p.m
Tuesday : 8 a.m – 7:15 p.m
Wenesday : 8 a.m – Noon
Thursday : 8 a.m – 7:15 p.m
Friday : 8 a.m – 5 p.m