Professions Immobilières

This BTS in real estate professions is mainly addressed to students with a general BAC (ES-L-ES) for those wish to work in the area of the management, negotiation and operation of promotion real estate.


Professional context

The real estate professions are all about the management and negotiation of real estate. Throughout the two years of studys, 14 weeks are dedication to work experience in company’s divided out over 3 periods.


Where is this BTS used?

    • property management firms

    • estate agents

    • promotion company’s ( often in construction)

    • company’s involved with the management of real estate


Qualities acquired

    • Good listening and speaking skills, contact with other people in the business

    • Sense of the economy and good management of goods

    • Respectability, initiative

    • Discretion, team work and collaboration


    • Management of rental properties

    • Management of condominiums

    • Real estate negotiator

Careers in need of the following real estate skills:

– commercial action

    • general law and property law

    • IT

    • communications

    • tax


Subjects studied

General culture and expression

Living language: English



Architecture and housing


technical real estate (transactions, management)

Local initiative program

Living language 2 (optional)